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When a girl gives you a really hard, fast-paced handjob, as if your dick was a shakeweight.

Could result in severe discomfort, chaffing, and difficulty shaking your dick after pissing.
Dude my dick hurts so bad after my girlfriend gave me a hj yesterday. I can't even feel my dick.

Sounds like you got shakeweighted.
by Kfed27 January 20, 2011
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The act of having your partner finish you off on her face and or chest, in the motion of the shake-weight from them hilarious commercials.
Kevin: " hey, did you go home with that bartender last night?''

Steve: "yeah."

Kevin: ''DETAILS!"

Steve: " well, we went back to my house, had a few drinks, smoked a joint and then she ended up shake-weighting me."

Kevin: " you lucky bastard. I can't beleive she shake-weighted you."
by prodigyofmind July 26, 2010
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