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1. (1564-1616) English poet, playwright, actor and director; not much is known about his life. He wrote 37 plays and over 200 poems, and is rumored to have contributed heavily to the translation of the King James' Bible. One of the most influential figures of the Renaissance era, his mastery of the English language, his keen understanding of human behavior, and his passionate dedication to the value of love and knowledge have ensured his survival, as a cross-cultural icon, for nearly 500 years, and at the dawn of a new century, the continuing popularity of his work seems to guarantee that his genius will continue to stretch far into the future; perhaps this continuing popularity is due to the fact that, though seen by many unenlightened eyes as old-fashioned, his works are filled with an insight and compassion for humanity, that were centuries ahead of their time.
Some of his plays include HAMLET, MACBETH, ROMEO AND JULIET, OTHELLO and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. There are rumors of a 38th play, but although several "re-discovered" manuscripts have been put forward as possible contenders, no case has been adequately proven for any of them, to date.
2. A guy who has charm, wit and a way with words; a jack-of-all-trades, a loyal friend, a trustworthy confidant, and a passionate lover. In short, a Renaissance man.
That Shakespeare was dead sexy- he was a lover of all humanity, and he really knew how to use his tongue.
by C.G. Newton September 20, 2005
85 83
Renaissance playwright who has been ruined by English teachers and academics who insist on over-analyzing his plays and sonnets.
Shakespeare wrote Hamlet to be ENJOYED not ripped apart in Lit class until it has no more meaning.
by kate November 22, 2004
1512 276
William Shakespeare was a brilliant playwright who's works are the cause of constant bitching from people either too stupid to understand them, or too lazy to bother to try.

His most famous works being: Hamlet, Macbeth, and Othello. Which deal with (respectively): A depressed goth kid, Assassinating leaders, and interracial sex...if this isn't relevant to modern times I don't know what is.
OoooMGGGGGGG Shakespeare was the reason I H8ed english class!!!!!!11111111111111111
by You Like Yellow June 07, 2006
545 178
History's greatest playwright, and one of the greatest poets.

He used English like Hendrix used the guitar.
Just get an annotated version of one of Shakespeare's works if you can't understand it.
by Michael Magus December 27, 2005
482 194
Undeniably the most influential man in the porno industry. By altering many of the titles from his thirty-seven plays, the Shakespearean theme in the bedroom--or anywhere else for that matter--has been an immediate success, beginning with 'The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet' (1969). Other raunchy adaptations of the famous bard's work consist of titles like: A Midsummer Night's Cream, A Midsummer's Wet Dream, A Midsummer Night's Creampie, King Rear, Loves Labia Licked, Hardcore Lady Macbeth, In The Flesh (an adaptation of Macbeth), Measure for Measure (involving two gay department store salesmen), The Taming of the Screw, Titties Andronicus, Ebony Andronicus, Much Ado About Nuttin', Two Gentlemen DO Verona, Two Gentlemen IN Verona, Two Gentlemen In Each Other, The Merchant of Penis, Penis and Adonis, The Merry Whores of Windsor, The Merry Wives of Bukkake, The Tragedy of Julius Creamer, Julius' Semen, As You Like It... Over and Over, As You Lick It, The Best Part of Henry VI, Anal Laments: Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Julian, Hamlet's Hoe, Hamlet Gets a Handjob, X Hamlet, Twelfth Night of Sodomy, Measure for Pleasure, Othelia/The Whore of Venice Beach, Othello: Dangerous Desire, Alls Well When Swallowed Well, The Rape of Lucrecia, The Rape of Lucy, The Rape of Luke (disputable), The Temptress, The Two Horny Kinsman, Shannon Does Shakespeare, and The Sodomy of Cleopatra. These titles can be located on various sites, like,, and for the release dates, etc. In 2001, the 'Bardcore' films were nominated for 10 Adult Video News Awards, including a best actress nomination for the porn legend Nina Hartley, as Titania. Amherst Professor Richard Burt is one of the most notable scholars studying Shakespeare-riffed porn--see for more information. And although the notorious poet is long since departed, his influences in the Porn Industry will not soon be forgotten--especially to those of us who enjoy masturbating to orgasmic shouts of Juliet in a horrible, yet fitting, Early Modern English accent. After all, it was Shakespeare who said it best: “making the beast with two backs” (Othello, I, i).
"The only other glimpse of Shakespeare comes when Othello wonders how Cassio got hold of Desdimona’s strawberry-spotted handkerchief. Or, in this version, her leopard-print thong." -Richard Burt

"Finally, an adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew for everyone who thought Ten Things I Hate About You was too cleverly written." -RB

"Shakespeare left the explicit sex out of his version, but you can imagine he’d approve of, for example, Lady Macbeth’s leather-dom style and Banquo’s ghost presiding over an hallucinatory orgy." -RB

"Montagues don’t fall in love with Capulets, they just have sex with them." -RB

“'My heart is Montague,' explains Mercutio, 'but my prick is nonpartisan.'” -RB
by ShakespeareNUT March 04, 2009
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One of histories first signs of emo.
Canst thou, O cruel! say I love thee not,
When I against myself with thee partake?
Do I not think on thee, when I forgot
Am of myself, all tyrant, for thy sake?
Who hateth thee that I do call my friend?
On whom frown'st thou that I do fawn upon?
Nay, if thou lour'st on me, do I not spend
Revenge upon myself with present moan?
What merit do I in myself respect,
That is so proud thy service to despise,
When all my best doth worship thy defect,
Commanded by the motion of thine eyes?
But, love, hate on, for now I know thy mind;
Those that can see thou lovest, and I am blind.

by Davemeistro March 12, 2006
311 189
A method of torture used by English teachers on their students for their own sick amusment and the cause of a surge of users
did the teach give you shakespeare too?!
by dramagirl3 December 03, 2008
223 158
A guy who wrote good plays that confuses the hell out of amerians
"what the f*ck does Sonnet 36 mean? and what about 1-154?"
by lalalala October 22, 2003
256 216