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A large, or particularly happening house party. Refers to the house or apartment shaking under the crush.
This party is going to be a shaker!
by Fortier April 24, 2006
Slang word for wanker.
Also can be used in plural (shakers) or in verb form (shake)
I'm off for a shake, see you later!

(Hot girl walks past) Shake, shake!

Look at those bunch of shakers smoking!

Hey shakers, wats up??
by Von Lick-10-Stains August 16, 2007
When a man is masturbating and his sexual partner insterts a dildo in his rectum, so he cums as a dildo is in his ass. Therefore causing him to shake.
Man, I really do love shakers!
by Fuck Face October 16, 2003
when one, not of specific gender, puts TWO in the cooter and TWO in the pooter.
After the hours of love she was begging for the shaker.
by The Dirty Hebrew April 22, 2003
Nickname of Bury Football Club supporters.
Known for (shaking) buckets in public to raise funds for the club.
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
a female who experiences uncontrollable convulsions during sexual stimulation
That girl I hooked up with at the party last night was a serious shaker when i went down on her.
by Courtenay Family September 20, 2009
A transvestite, someone of unknown Gender. Commonly used in Manchester.
Andrew has become a shaker over his missing period.
by Sfc1989 August 23, 2005