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To do somthing accidentally out of frustration or anger.
I know you've all had a long day but stay focused and don't shake the baby.

Wow, man you really shook the baby on that one.
by Deadwaite May 09, 2010
16 2
To go off. To lose control. To "go in." To "go ham."
To lose your mind. To go all out. To act a fool. To lose your cool.
I can't wait to get to the party tonight. I'm gonna shake the baby!
by Dirty South Joe March 31, 2011
31 7
The process of pissing or urination. This definition is specific to male urination whether it may occur in bathrooms, public arenas, trees, or a neighbor's flower garden.
Josh drank beer for hours before he had to shake the baby.
by Kevin Joyner January 06, 2006
12 15
Men: The act of grabbing a girls ears while she is blowing you and vigorously shaking her, increasing her RPMs and your personal satisfaction.
Sarah was blowing Steve, but she was licking it like a Mr. Freeze and wasn't getting into it. It was time to Shake the Baby!
by Dutch Milkshake June 07, 2009
3 10