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The most amazing guy in the whole wide world who is perfect in each and every way.
I love Shain loads and loads and loads.
I wish I was Shain's girl.
by * zawa * February 06, 2005
A brilliant footy player comparable to some of the best players in the world.
I wish I was as skilful as Shain.
Shain is amazing at footy, I had no idea someone could be that good!
by * zawa * February 06, 2005
noun; my cupcake. A man derived from Chicago and gives the best kisses & hugs in the world. The missing piece to Beautiful's puzzle. Her other half.
Shain, will you marry me?
by Desai aka Beautiful February 05, 2009
a short word for Shania Twain; popular country and pop music
Which song of Shain do you like best?I don't know, maybe "Forever and for always" :(((((
by Andrius March 05, 2008

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