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The girl who remote controls robots.. She has wifehs, and likes annoying JT, because he is dumb. She is an 1337 wench.

Also, a very horrid singer-man.
"Shaggy, yeah, I saw her with her wifehs!"
by Aiza April 24, 2003
3 27
1. Name for one with long, or unkempt hair.

2. Name for that laid back, hungry fellow with a mere 9 hairs on his chin from the well loved Scooby Doo tv show.

3. Name for one who is similar in appearance to Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

4. Name for a guy who shags around.

5. A guy from Bowness who has three of these Shaggyable qualities, and is also very shaggable.
1. "Arite Shaggy! Lovin the hair!"

2. "scooooby dooo!"

3. "Hey Shaggy, hows it hangin dude? Solved any mysteries recently?"

4. "See that guy over there, he's a bit of a Shaggy!"

5. "Shaggay!! Nice one bruvva!"
by Hardy January 02, 2005
150 89
pretty much the best singer ever. lyrical genius and a renegade rhythmic master. and nobody else can pronounce 'jacuzzi' like him.
me shaggy mr boombastic it waddn't me jakoozy selecta cus cus perfoom if me da rice you da peas.
by bunj March 04, 2009
92 63
Shaggy is a popular charictor from the cartoon "Scooby-Doo"

Shaggy is the king of slack. His hobbies include eating junk food, eating junk food, and eating junk food. Shaggy is also a master of disguise. Just give the guy three seconds and he can become a waiter, a museum's caveman replica, or a coffee table. Shaggy is also certified in Scuba diving and can throw his voice.

Many of you might also ask why Shaggy is always chosen to lure ghosts into Freddy's traps. The reason why is that Shaggy is on his High School's Track team, and therefore can run very fast.

Little Known Fact -
Shaggy's father is a Police Officer, Real name is Norville Rogers, Adress is 224 Maple Street Coolsville, Age 17, Apeared in 295 episodes.
Like scoob, check out that dude's crazy hair doo!
by Shaggy November 05, 2004
81 65
1. a very laid back person that is usually down for anything at any time
Andrew: "Do you think julia would throw a party at her house tonight?"

Robbie: "Ya probably, she's pretty shaggy."


2. Being falsely accused of something

Julia: "I know YOU killed my pet sheep!"

Peter: "No man im shaggy!"
by Sa(a)m July 01, 2010
21 10
The guy that gave scooby head in episode #69.
Give it back to shaggy, he was sucking it better.
by Sc00byD00sProstitue January 30, 2005
166 159
From Shaggy-haired liberal. A liberal who is seen as a throw back from the 1960s, similar to the teacher on Beavis and Butthead, who is a clueless and silly left winger.
The Shaggies love Sean Penn movies, allows them to feel good about their contempt for America.
by Jay Hobeika March 30, 2010
6 3
gross, ugly, bad things
dude thats shaggy
by sister mary kathryn February 16, 2011
13 19