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-The act of having dined in the worst dininghall at Virginia Commonwealth University.

I just shafed, and now I feel like shit!
by Rams876 April 15, 2009
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To get Shafed can be many things. It can be being forced to smell someones asshole. It can be being burned while sitting around chillin in your shop. It could also be being hounded by the biggest Goddamn stickler in the fuckin' place tellin you how to do shit. To get Shafed is the lowest of lows. If you resist the Shafe, Barcus, his loyal henchman, will make you get Shafed like none other.
Dammit, I was just sittin around until he came in, Fuck, i just got Shafed like a mother fucker!
by Joe Navy October 17, 2004

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