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Hand gesture used in sketchy or shady situations often performed while announcing "shady tree" or any accusation of sketchiness. To perform the Shady Tree, the left hand is made into a fist, thumb-side up, and the right hand is held open, palm down. The palm of the right hand should be placed atop the left fist and the outstretched fingers of the right hand wiggled in a manner similar to that in jazz hands.
A: ...and then he asked her to go behind the shed.
B: *shady tree* Sketchy.
A: I know, right?
by #1 cmf May 04, 2007
A person who is always shady for no reason. A person who is shady all of the time. Shady meaning to act funny. Someone who always has an attitude. A person who treats another person weird.
That girl over there is an shady tree. She be throwing shade left and right every time I see her.
by SaidTht March 12, 2014
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