Eminem's very own record label set up in 2000
D12, obie trice, 50 cent etc. r all signed 2 shady records
shady records rule and thay signed sum of tha best rappers eva

man 1: wut label r d12 signed 2???

man 2: d12 r signed to shady records
by DatKidOnDaBLock March 04, 2009
Top Definition
shady records rulllzzzzzzz!!!! the biggest thing in hip-hop!!!! owned by the one and only eminem!!!! members of shady records are 50 cent, g-unit,obie trice and D12!!!
Eminem owns Shady Records, the label.
by me October 18, 2003
More proof that Eminem has sold out.
First he acts in a movie, then he has a clothing line, then he does a commercial on TV guide, now he has his own lable. What hasn't Eminem done to sell out?
A record company (probably controlled by the RIAA) that creates shit.
Shady records is a joke. The only reason why people like it is because Eminem owns it and all those retarded girls love eminem.
by reality September 12, 2003
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