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1. A high-pitched squeal sort of noise emitted when a girl (sometimes a guy) is frightened, surprised, bumped into, etc.

2. The metallic squeal that a computer makes as a warning. It's soon to be followed by, "Warning..." sometimes with a little bomb next to it, saying "Error."

3. The sound that a female makes to try to attract other females. (This one isn't popular...yet.)
1. Girl One bumps into Girl Two.
Girl Two: Eep!

2. Guy One tries to open a locked folder on his brother's computer.
Computer: Eep! *Error*

3. Girl One: Eep!
Girl Two: Found you! Eep!
by Reality June 19, 2006
The brown streak formed on the backside of underwear caused by pressure from scratching the anus from outside the garment.
Hmmmmm..... another chocolate swipe in my new white long underwear. Maybe I should wear a second layer of underwear, to prevent any further staining.
by Reality January 28, 2004
One who sells poorly designed turbo kits to MR2 owers. See also; steals other fabricators' designs, looser, and erectile disfunction.
GT25R turbo Kit is a poor attempt to improve the stock turbo, but fails completely, in all respects.
by reality February 21, 2004
A whiny gay-to-be-hip emo teenager who should realise hes going to end up alone whether he loves cock or pussy.
'Lol, hay guys, look, banjodark jsut posted another E/N thread about suicide'
by Reality July 07, 2003
the rightful owner of Jason Heckahorn
messedup.net is more successful than anything Jason has made on the internet.
by Reality June 30, 2003
A record company (probably controlled by the RIAA) that creates shit.
Shady records is a joke. The only reason why people like it is because Eminem owns it and all those retarded girls love eminem.
by reality September 12, 2003

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