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One who walks the line between light and dark, with no ties to either side. With no morals or emotions clouding their judgment, a Shadow Walker is able to accomplish tasks and solve problems in the most efficient and logical way.

Shadow Walkers are also a small secretive sect of Force wielders which pull from both the light and dark side, giving them immeasurable power.
The Grand Master of the Shadow Walkers, Glaiven, killed the child in order to save the city. "It had to be done. It is as simple as that." he said when his actions were later questioned.
by Glaiven January 25, 2004
The Shadow Walker understands that human activities can be monitored and tracked by modern technology, but because of many diverse interests and activities, strives to keep his or her real identity "below the radar".

A Shadow Walker has many eclectic interests, has done many things in life, worn many different hats, travelled many different paths, and understands the needs and motivations of those on "both sides of the street". He or she tries to use a lifetime of accumulated knowledge and wisdom to address problems and help others. The Shadow Walker has high ethical values, and lets reason and logic be the guide to solving life's problems.
"With all the things that woman's involved in, all that she's seen and done, she really should keep a lower profile, especially on the Internet. Nowadays you can piss off anybody, even for doing good things. She should try to be more of a Shadow Walker."
by thermoworx December 12, 2011
Woman who you would screw but not pursue; one who you would be ashamed to date, but not to fuck; "unclaimable"
"Bruh was that ya girl?"
"naa bruh that's just a shadow Walker"
by T.L Nesbitt November 21, 2014
a slang word for a black person, to describe them as ones hu are like shadows that walk during the day
hey look at those black people over there, theyre real shadow walkers
by al foody October 12, 2007
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