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What Professer Frink from The Simpsons yells when he is either excited or upset.
Professer Frink "I could be a jedi, with the shwingggg shwingggg OH GLAIVEN"
by Sam Telfer June 10, 2006
An inner source of near limitless energy, harnessed only by the chosen Glaiven Knights. Easily confused with the force, but much more über.
I can feel it in my inner glaiven...
by The Urban Rebel September 12, 2003
A jewish exclamation as well as the long form of the name of a French throwing blade of a mythical nature
by Joeber Le Sober August 28, 2008
Glaiven is the greatest warrior of all time. None can stand against him. He is an emotionless killer; He knows no loyalties, one who trusts nothing. He walks the Shadowy line between light and dark. He has been called many things, from death on two legs to Lucifer’s assassin. His power knows no bounds, fear him for he is death.
As the great army charged at him, Glaiven thought to himself, "Fools. Bring it..."
by Glaiven January 25, 2004
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