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A term used by dubbers of Yu-Gi-Oh! to substitute something violent that will happen to a duelist if they lose a duel like getting their feet chopped off.
If I lose this duel, the glass below me will explode and I will fall into the Shadow Realm.
by JoshMiller April 17, 2004
The Shadow Realm is a place in Yu-Gi-Oh used to play card games with real monsters, surrounded by purple fog. A place where you can be banished to decay.
"If I lose this duel, not only will Bakura take my puzzle, but I'll also be banished to the Shadow Realm!
by Hotaru0Masaru July 24, 2015
An uncommon way of referring to the /b/ section of 4chan on other websites without violating rules 1 & 2
Oh man, I havent been to shadow realm for a few hours, I can hear it calling to me
by OfficialTirade January 14, 2012
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