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Used in many different circumstances, similar but not identical to the word f--k. May be used to describe elation, exacerbation, surprise, sarcasm, approval, disapproval, or simply as an exclamation.
Sarcasm - After you zing a friend with a good burn, (Sarcastic Tone) "Mike you are the best Madden player ever, Shaboing"!!!!

Exclamation - (After making a great play in ANY sport or activity) "Shaboing"!!!!!

Disapproval - "That was a major shaboing when you cock blocked me at the bar."

Approval - "That hottie has perfect breasts, Shaboing!!"

Elation - (After your team gets a go ahead homerun, touchdown, or basket) "Shaboing!!!"

Exascerbation - (After the other team gets a go ahead homerun, touchdown, or basket) "Shaboing...." Same word different tone.

Surprise - "Shaboing, you scared the crap out of me."
by Ryan 44 September 04, 2007
To make love to a luscious young female or male.
Yo shaniqua when are we going to sha boing girl.
by casey windu October 27, 2007
a term used by a guy to describle women he wants to have sex with
I wouldn't mind Shaboinging that!
by Ruiner May 15, 2005
A bunch of slack-jawed faggots.
Shaboing is the refuge of sexually insecure children and the pedophiles that molest them.
by Rind November 10, 2003