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When preparing for a night out with comrades; Shabank, also known as 'Shabanko' may be used in a plethora of ways to take the place of any events that might occur that evening. For this purpose alone, Shabank may be grammatically altered to transform into a noun, verb, adjective, independent or dependent clause, adverb, preposition, gerund, or conjunction. Shabank shall be constricted by nothing. It is the alpha and the omega of wittiness and tom foolery. This word shall not be used hastily, and you can and will be physically and emotionally abused if you use it out of it's intended context.
"Hey Andrew, what are you doing tonight"?

-"I'm not exactly sure man, I haven't drank in a while, let's just get Shabanked out of our minds."

"Rupert, that girl is so fine. I'm going to Shabank the shit out of her."

So many hoes just got here, you think they're DTS: Down to Shabanko?

"Bro, what the hell happened last night?"
-"I have no idea, I completely Shabankoed out."
by RFAH-2A July 12, 2011
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