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means stupid cunt in chinese.
D-lux's sister is a sha bi!
by Tim McKenzie May 14, 2004
(mandarin: 傻屄、傻B),
a dick, a ddouchebag, a stuck-up ass and alike. Mostly used to refer to males.

傻(sha): stupid
屄(bi): vagina, pussy

Sarkozy is such a sha bi.

CHEN Shui-bien is a sha bi

Kim Jung-il is the biggest sha bi on the planet
by NORMANBFSU April 05, 2009
A name given to anyone who's not important enough to know him by his own name
"Hey dude, where were you yesterday?"
"oh sorry mate, I went out with a bunch of shabi's so I knew you wouldn't want to come along"
by bird monk November 12, 2007