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Means to make love, fuck or have sex whatever you prefer to call it
generally said by a male person when referring to a female

was brought about mainly by the Ali G show Borat character
Borat: "I would like to make a sexy time with her"
Guy: "Oh ya man, last night we made a sexy time for a full hour
by shlubster December 13, 2011
The term used when you want to have more than just 'familiar relations' with a woman/man depending on the individual. A phrase made up by Borat, a Kazakhstan news-reporter. Borat is one of three, Comic genius Sacha Baron Cohen's alter-egos.
Borat: When do i get entry to her VirGin?

Girl: Oh Yea! You can shove it up mine right now!

Borat: *clap's hands* Sexy Time!
by HighFive! July 16, 2006
Sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual activity. This word was coined by Sacha Baron Cohen's character Borat.
"I like make a sexytime!" -Borat
by Narek November 30, 2006
A funny way of saying sex this term was started by Borat
Girl: I have a physical attraction for that boy
friend of girl: you mean you want to have sexy time with him!!!
Girl: yeah preety much
by Suzana Montecala April 14, 2008
Sharing brownies like it's nobody business.
Person 1: SEXY TIME!!

Person 2: NOM NOM NOM
by Brownies yo September 15, 2010
When you wish to have sexual relations with a person other than yourself.
Whoa, look at charlotte rayee fucking anders, i want to make sexy time with her, all day err day.
by danielle3264 May 18, 2009
A word nathan sykes of the wanted uses as his favourite catchphrase. It is said in a non creepy voice although it does sound very creepy. It is at 10.45pm on a monday. Twfanmily have gained this from their new video Glad You Came in wich a young blonde girl gets suduced by him. he hooks his finger through her belt loop and pulls her towards him. Lap dancer leading to 'sexytime'. Many people believe that sexytime went down on a golf course and that Siva has been involed aswell.
Interviewer: Favourite catchphrase?
Nathan: um um ahh
Interviewer: you can pass
N: no im going to get one
N: SEXYTIME, what what where did that come from.
by TWFANMILYSECRET June 17, 2011
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