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a person and/or thing who deserves best and usually gets it. has an attitude that intimidates. and most often decievingly good looking, almost too good to be true.
by CJLL123 February 22, 2011
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Is one of a kind. She is a beautiful, athletic girl. She loves to be around her friends & is great at everything. She is outgoing. Loves to meet new people. She is very energetic. Once you meet her you will love her. Tall, blonde, brown eyed girl. She is nice to everyone & isn't bossy. She doesn't like when people fight. She is a very caring person. Also an animal lover. You won't find another Kyrstin out there like this one.
Oh my gosh! I love Kyrstin! She is so nice & pretty!

Thanks! You are too :)
by Tessa Spando November 30, 2013
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