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A certified scientist/practitioner devoted to the study of, and producing results in, the science, art, theory and practice of sex, sexualism and sexuality.

A Certified-Sexualist is an award conferred by The International Institute of Sexual Studies signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed the course. (7 years)

See also: Analist
They just graduated from The International Institute of Sexual Studies and is now a certified Sexualist.
#sex #sexology #sexualism #sexual #analist
by A Sexualist November 02, 2010
someone who supports the broadening of sexual activity
Dude she's a sexualist, that means she's a freak!
#sex #sexy #nympho #nymphomaniac #sexer
by Mykonos December 29, 2009
Being an extreme Sexist, who rejects the opposite or same sex.
Kelly- "I don't want a girl drummer! I don't want an all girl band!"
Jack- "Kelly you're being sexualist!"
#sex #sexual #sexualist #prejudice #girl #boy
by Gingerellaaa777 August 07, 2011
sexualist - sexiest

comes from the word sexual
oh that is THE sexualist boy i've seen before
by the stinky murderer April 08, 2005
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