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The excuse you give to go fuck.
While visiting my parents, Jeff and I usually use the sexcuse of needing a gallon of milk from the grocery store. That gets us out of the house long enough for a quicky in the backseat of the car.
by Kate Charlton September 03, 2008
102 15
An excuse a woman makes to avoid having sex.
the womans sexcuse was "I have a headache, so we can't have sex tonight."
by Dhabi February 02, 2007
32 9
The excuse one may give for having sex with someone that he or she may not normally do so with. Can be given on holidays, birthdays, times of low self-esteem or frunkedness, or when there is a general L.O.S.

Not to be confused with Holiday Sex, where sex is expected but has to be worked for. However, ex sex and drought busters includes times when a sexcuse would be given.
Dude 1: Hey man, what're you up to?
Dude 2: I think I'm gonna go bang out my ex.

Dude 1: Dude, you said you would never touch that ass again.
Dude 2: I need a Drought Buster bad man.

Dude 1: Terrible sexcuse dude.
by ckolek February 14, 2011
9 4
When someone makes bad excuses to come over and hook up
"you're just making sexcuses to come over"
by koolaide guy April 13, 2010
7 4
excuses females make to get out of having sex or any kind of four play
this is one of the most commonly used sexcuses "im on my period and i have lock jaw so i cant give you head"
by kam314 December 26, 2009
5 2
Using your gender to validate stupid decisions, even though these actions aren't valid at all.
My only sexcuse is that I want to act as crazy as I want and eat anything I want this week. (For girls)

My only sexcuse is that I want to have intercourse with as many girls as I can before I lose my hair. (For guys)
by bauerboo March 20, 2014
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An excuse for having sex with someone you should not have had sex with. Usually a bad, quickly made up lie.
John: "How could you cheat on me with Derek!'
Mary's sexcuse: "...I fell on his dick?"
by hey-j February 20, 2012
1 2