formulaic television programme attempting to discuss gender meaningfully.
I am indifferent towards Sex and the City
by Mantrain March 12, 2005
Only the best show every created that is no longer played on HBO
I'm so excited to watch my season 3 sex and the city dvd
by hottay September 08, 2004
only the best HBO show ever shown on television
did u watch sex in the city last night? it was the best episode!
by emily April 23, 2005
A television show (airing at random times on random days), that, unlike most brainless TV shows, accurately portrays what relationships are really like, in the sense that men are dicks and manipulate/exploit women, and that women should only do the same. The program follows four women who live in, you guessed it, NYC, and no matter what man the screw and who they're with, they always stay friends with each other. Is the epitome of the poetic proverb "chicks before dicks."
I like romantic evenings on the beach..but I'm not the honeymoon type... My "sex and the city" character must be...Miranda...
by Suzza April 23, 2008
The greatest show to ever exsit. First Aired on Saturday June 6, 1998(Sex and the City/Pilot) and ending on Sunday February 22, 2004 (An American Girl In Paris Part Une & Part Duex). Staring Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw), Kristin Davis (Charlotte York Goldenblatt) Who's last name was originally Ross in the book by Candance Bushnell, Cinthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes), and Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones).

This show is usaully hated by people who have never lived, don't live in New York, idoit who are beyond conservative, and people that never really look into things. Sometimes hated by people who don't appretiate Fashion and/or Shoes. Loved by those who are truely from Manhattan, or just love fashion.

Based on a book by Candance Bushnell. And has 2 other books: Reading Sex and the City and Sex and the City : Kiss and Tell (Episode Guide, Cast Inteviews, etc).

Cheap Disses for this are that it was written by gay men (The writers were 6 women and Micheal Patrick King), that is shallow and materialisc, and that the characters are just plain whores.
I'm obsessed with Sex and the City, yesterday I read Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell 4 times.
by Lieske June 25, 2005
Great show about 4 power and sex hungry MILF's.They can screw practically any man they want to!
Shame it went off air.I wish I was in that so I could fuck all 4 of those dirty MILF whores
by Stix May 03, 2004

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