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A sexual act that involves three people with one on top,one on the bottom and one in between them. Usually a woman is ib the middle with two guys in as the bread, but a much tastier version exist with two women as the bread.
On my birthday sally and megan helped me to enjoy a sex sandwich in which i was the meat.
by RaindancerF November 11, 2011
The act of two male bodies' double-penetrating a female, wherein the female serves as the meat between the two men, each of whose erect penises is affixed within the female, one in her anus and the other in her vagina. Generally, the male bodies avoid physical contact, although incidental contact is usually unavoidable; however, such contact normally does not serve as a deterrent for even heterosexual men who create a sex sandwich due to the extreme physical pleasure and sexual arousal caused by such an act. The female may face either upward or downward in the sandwich and is often adorned with makeup and even jewelry and/or high heels/boots but rarely anything else. All three bodies are otherwise nude. The sex sandwich is often regarded as one of the hottest sexual positions that can be achieved.
Dan and Keith enjoyed a sex sandwich with Katie last night before simultaneously cumming on the young blonde's face.
by captainclutch86 May 21, 2016
The process of having a really delicious sandwich and before you take the first bite, shoving your cock inside it.
I fucked that sandwich and it was good. I love having a sex sandwich.
by junglejoe111 April 20, 2015
an amazing and extremely good looking person, usually with the name Lily.
Antonio's regard sex sandwiches the most beautiful people on earth.
sex sandwich is a lot like sex muffin.
sex muffins and sex sandwiches are usually extremely good together.
1.phwarr, your a sex sandwich.
2. well you're a sex muffin :)
by themainmanlobo January 24, 2009
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