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A sexual act that involves three people with one on top,one on the bottom and one in between them. Usually a woman is ib the middle with two guys in as the bread, but a much tastier version exist with two women as the bread.
On my birthday sally and megan helped me to enjoy a sex sandwich in which i was the meat.
by RaindancerF November 11, 2011
When three people (excluding the person recieving the swirly)
Poop in the toilet, then dunk the persons head in the bowl. After making sure the person has recieved plenty of beef (shit) the three add the broth by urinating on the reciever of the swirly.
Chad would forever regret his racist joke after three hispanic gentlemen gave him a beef stew swirly.
by RaindancerF November 28, 2011
The defense mechanism that atheist use when people either refuse to listen to, or question their smug self superior ways by saying the person questioning them is delusional or close minded usually quoting the 16 year old girl minded richard dawkins.
When martin decided he didnt want to hear marsha crap out of her mouth about religion, marsha pulled the dawkins defense and dismissed him as delusional.
by RaindancerF November 07, 2011
When you own someone so bad that it goes beyond rapeage.

Commonly associated with the call of duty series but can be applied to other games or situations.
Dude1) I just Got killed by the same guy eight times.

Dude2) you just got raped.

Dude3) no You just got DP'd.
by RaindancerF November 07, 2011
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