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An alcoholic drink known for giving a killer hangover. Consists of a shot of vodka mixed with goon, a form of cheap-ass cask wine.

Tastes best on ice with a fruity white goon.
Let's load up on Fruity Lexia tonight and get trashed off Sex on a Mailboxes.
by Fred Loves Goon February 27, 2008
An alcoholic concoction of vodka and goon (casket wine). Enjoyed primarily by teenagers and the poor. This drink ensures that you have a night to remember (or completely forget).
I feel like sex on a mailbox!
by mr sheen March 05, 2008
Drink: Vodka + Goon.
A good alcoholic drink to get really wasted really quick from. The goon covers the taste of vodka brilliantly but then you have the taste of goon to worry about. Best served on ice. Highly recommend Fruity Lexia goon.
Lets have a couple Sex on a Mailboxes then finish off the night with a game of Goon of Fortune.
by Sam Vandalay February 27, 2008
An alcoholic drink consisting of vodka and goon.
I could do with a bit of Sex on a Mailbox!
by Jessica-Ann March 03, 2008
An awesome VODKA AND GOON combo! Favourite of cheap binge drinking teens.
Let's hang at NCC and have Sex on a Mailboxes and get stoned.

by Bruce god4eva Campbell March 03, 2008

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