A person who always wants to take and not give anything while in the act of having sex. This may be someone who forces his partner for a blowjob, handjob, or positions which requires no participation from this person (Like woman-on-top) and won't do the honor to satisfy his / her partner.

This comes from the popular word couch potato, basically describing someone who is lazy, sitting on the couch and watching TV (yes, without bothering to entertain the TV set once he's done)
Kate: I left Joe 'coz he was such a sex potato, I was completely tired.
Mary: God, that must be like slavery! Glad you left him. Date an athlete this time
by troPunk June 10, 2010
Top Definition
where you heat a potato up in the micro wave for 3 min cut a hole in it rub butter on the inside and fuck it
i enjoy the sex potato.
by courtneybrady November 17, 2006
A person who wants to spend every moment in the house having sex. Usually happens in the first month of a relationship, or soon after becoming sexually active with your partner. Not to be confused with a couch potato, a sex potato often breaks to eat- rather than eat during the act.
Laura: "Have you seen Mark or Beth?"

Rob: "No, Last I heard they were at home having sex, but that was 2 days ago"

Laura: "What a bunch of sexpotatoes!"
by VanillaVixen December 21, 2010
comes from the term "couch potato". means someone who is completely lazy in terms of sex and does absolutely nothing, leaving their partner to do all the work.
person number one: so...me and hailey had sex last night
person number two: really? how was it?
person number one: awful. she was such a sex potato.
by vampiregurl98 December 15, 2013
Someone who is totally inactive during sex usually causing frustration in the other partner for having to do all the work.
Craig: Dude! How was that chick you hooked up with last night?

Dude: Bad! Man she was hot, but when we got down to it she was a total sex potato! She just laid there!
by twirlinboy June 27, 2010
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