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When someone has diarrhea and puts a cork in their ass to prevent the diarrhea from leaking out of their ass.
I sewage pipe when I am nervous.

by arnoid224 March 05, 2009
When your whore girlfriend takes a disgusting foul smelling shit on your boner.
Tony: Amanda is such a whore!!!
Micheal: What did she do?
Tony: She totally sewage piped me!!!
Micheal: Wow, what a whore
by hairy gay monkey ballz September 19, 2015
The act of jizzing in a girl's ass and having another girl suck it out with a straw.
What did you do last night, man?

I met these two girls at the bar and we had a sewage pipe.
by UnknownQuaD February 13, 2012
MY uncle Sandy's slang for suicide.
No.. don't commit sewage pipe - your too god damn young
by Tonyknight May 09, 2005

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