Former Potions Master at Hogwarts but given the Defense Against The Dark Arts job in Book 6. Kills Dumbledore in Book 6 and returns to the Dark Lord.
Dumbledore: Severus.. please.
Snape: Run Draco!
by Davado August 06, 2005
the sexiest man alive (more handsome than gilderoy lockhart), he is clever, dark and mysterious and my husband.
Me: oh snapey baby let me lick the grease off your nose!
Snape: be my guest
by sophie January 02, 2004
The guy in the Harry Potter films who looks like Alice B. Toklas. Played by Alan Rickman, who hasn't been sexy since 1988.
Professor Severus Snape, my crush on David Thewlis notwithstanding, do you realize you look like Alice B. Toklas, right?
by Alsatia Watley July 20, 2011
At my school Severus Snape is my principal and he calls people to the office so he can give them beer and knock them out and have sex with them, boy or girl.
Blub blub, BLUB!!!! BLUB!!!!
by D November 21, 2004
The stupid jerk that ruthlessly murdered Dumbledore, and who deserves to be raped by Hagrid and thrown in a pit full of Blast-Ended Skrewts.
Harry: That motherfucker Snape better not step on my turf or I'll bust a cap in his ass
Ron: Hellz ya!
by MaryBeth11 July 20, 2005
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