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Around-the-world traveller and round-the-clock worker who has a taste for challenges, either professionally or personally, and who is always there, at least virtually, for her friends.
She's such a Severine: she's just come back from Canada, but is already planning to go and work in Russia.
by moranguinhappy February 05, 2010
A Severine is an intresting species to examin. You'll never figure her out. She prays on the losers and slackers of the opposite sex. Once she has their attention she leaps with her long legs onto their backs and bites their head off. She then spits it out and goes clubbin.
Guy 1: How did you pull that chick WTF dude she's like a 10 and your a let's face it regect.

Guy 2: I dun know man maybe it's the swaga.

Guy 1: Oh damn here she comes... wait what is she doing OMG run for your life did you just see that she pulled a Severine on his ass.

Severine : What's up Guy 1 wana party (licks lips bats eyes and shakes ass)

Guy1 : Hells yeah B
by The Jessica January 06, 2011
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