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A play on the word "forehead," usually used in reference to a woman with an exceedingly large space between her eyebrows and forehead.
Christiana Ricci is a freaking sevenhead!
by Phife54 June 18, 2009
It comes from chinese.
It is a nounalways Single
FormalSeven-head is another term of idiot.It is more polite than just saying that you are idiotic.
P.S. It is different from Hot-head
RightThey are seven-head
WrongThey are seven-heads
They have seven-heads
by Tony Chan September 10, 2004
When one is almost bald but still has hair on the sides and back of his head, he is said to have a sevenhead.
My grandpa is so old, he has a sevenhead!
by Open_Breifcase October 16, 2008
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