Top Definition
A jacked Russian
As long as you never work-out, and you drink a lot of vodka, then you will become a Seva
by Ken October 14, 2003
The man.
Seva is teh tot0al pWNage
by MaD October 15, 2003
has insatiable urge to play with fire... and anything else illegal. Through his extreme "knowledge", will destroy and damage surroundings.
Man.. that fire must have been set by some kid trying to be Seva Liokomuockalfjeoavich
by aaron October 14, 2003
One Jacked russian!
As long as you never work out, and drink lotsa vodka...then u will become a Seva
by Ken October 14, 2003
a dude
"yo...that guy is such a seva"
by Ricardo Escobar October 14, 2003
ultimate cheeseball :-D
my cheeseball is like... wo
by mee October 16, 2003
Yevsey Seva Liokumovich
His name is Yevsey Seva Liokumovich
by Seva October 12, 2003

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