Short for the number 7. The reason this word exists is because "seven" is two syllables while "sev" is just one syllable.
One, two, three, four, five, six, sev, eight, nine, ten, lev, twelve, threen, freen, fien, sien, seen, eighn, nighn, twen.
by amazing javascript programmer January 29, 2010
Seven Hundred block In East Oakland California
Those cats were from the sev
by Silntasasn April 05, 2005
AN Ancient Roman General, who claims to have been born August 27, 221 BC.

Suspected to just be a wanker with no social life and delusions of sexxah-ness
fish Severn, College Station, Texas, USA.
by Vern December 05, 2003
An 8 legged insect, composed prominently of faeces, found usually in a woman's pubic region.
Damn! These Sev's itch so bad, I better go wipe my ass!
by Mark January 19, 2003

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