AN Ancient Roman General, who claims to have been born August 27, 221 BC.

Suspected to just be a wanker with no social life and delusions of sexxah-ness
fish Severn, College Station, Texas, USA.
by Vern December 05, 2003
Top Definition
Slang for the 7-11 convenience store, most commonly used on Long Island.
"Yo Mike, you wanna hit up sevs before the football game?"
#7-11 #sevs #long island #slurpie #big gulp
by Mavericklax4 March 27, 2007
7-11. This is a popular term on Longisland, where there is an overabundant amount of 7-11s, so much so that one is never more than 5 minutes away.
"Yo lets walk up to sevs before we blaze"
#7-11 #long island #convenience store #blaze #ganja
by fxkyamutha December 04, 2007
7-11 convenience store.
Im broke lets knock over a sevs.
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
Short for the convienience store, Seven-11.
"Want to go to Sev and get a slushie?"
"Sure, but you're paying."
by senna_trem September 15, 2005
An acronym for Saggy Encrusted Vagina. A insult toward girls who are sluts.
She made out with him! OMG shes such a sev!
#whore #slut #good girl #cunt #ho
by noway1415161718 January 15, 2011
armenian word for the color black.
aut mart sev maz oony (that man has black hair.)
by sevag August 15, 2005
plural, slang for amputees
Dude, my friend hooked up with two super hot sevs last night
#amputees #arms #legs #limbs #fetishes
by Jimothy Halpert January 14, 2011
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