The dick who created family guy. He makes people in Family Guy fall gay so he has a chance to rape him. He's not South Park. He's a douchebag Atheist, and he's probably a closet homo. He is a sell out, and his show is on it's last.
Kid: Hey wanna watch Family Guy?
Me: No fuckin way! I wanna watch South Park. Seth MacFarlane is a douche!
by keybladezeldaawesome January 03, 2012
An extremely talented voice actor and comedian who has made many worthwhile contributions to animated television sitcoms, most notably his creations: "Family Guy" and "American Dad."

Unfortunately, on a purely personal level, Seth MacFarlane is also one of the biggest douchebags who has ever lived. People slam celebrities like Marilyn Manson constantly, and say that he (Marilyn Manson) is basically one of the worst human beings that has ever been born. I would like to say that anyone who has ever met both Marilyn Manson and Seth MacFarlane can safely say that Seth is the bigger douchebag out of the two of them. Seth is a blatant misogynist who treats women like crap and gets away with it because people think he is handsome, funny and charming. Marilyn Manson isn't the nicest guy in the world either, but he is actually more sensitive, thoughtful and intelligent than Seth. He's also probably a better actor, and should audition for more film roles.

Seth MacFarlane also accuses others of being "gay" far too much, which probably means he is covering up his own latent homosexuality.
You should watch the "Family Guy" episode that deals with the issue of abortion. It's seriously one of the most insensitive things toward women ever. And there are far too many "gay jokes" in both "Family Guy" and "American Dad" to even name. In some ways, Seth MacFarlane's misogyny bothers me more than Marilyn Manson's music video for "Running to the Edge of the World." At the very least, they are both equally bad.
by anonymousxyz October 06, 2013
Creator of animated shows Family Guy, American Dad, and the Cleveland Show, MacFarlane is also the voice actor for many of the male characters on his shows, including but not limited to Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, the alien character Roger, and Stan Smith.

Many self professed sophisticated types seem to have a problem with this show because of its frequent toilet humor, sex jokes, racist jokes, AIDS jokes, abortion jokes, gay jokes and just general envelope pushing. Even the creators of South Park, known for exactly the same type of behavior, allegedly have a feud with Mr. MacFarlane, apparently claiming that the cut-away gags in his shows (mostly in Family Guy) are cheap laughs.

What a lot of these people seem to forget is that regardless of personal opinion, Mr. MacFarlane can sing, act, voice act, play various instruments, do a wide variety of impressions, write comedy, direct, produce, animate, and compose music, not to mention exude a mixture of modesty and genuine charm while drinking a 5th of Jack Daniels and holding an intelligent conversation.

In short, Mr. MacFarlane's talent is irrefutable, although his taste in humor is not for everyone.
1st person: I hate Seth MacFarlane, he's stupid, immature and pretentious, somehow all at the same time!

2nd person: When you work your ass off, become a multi-millionaire based solely on your talents, have one of the most recognized voices in modern entertainment, and become ridiculously handsome, then perhaps people will believe that your whining carries weight. Until then, away with you sir.
by onomatopoeia February 17, 2013
One of the funniest/classiest men in the world. He created Family Guy and co-created The Cleveland Show and American Dad. He also produced the movie Ted. He is an Atheist. He is probably even more incredible than Harrison Ford... maybe.
Guy 1: Oh this show's so fucking hilarious!
Guy 2: That's because Seth Macfarlane made it!
Guy 1: Oh that guy's awesome!
by Some lady who likes this guy January 21, 2013
Probably the greatest freaking genius ever!!! An atheist and a supporter of gay rights who is best known for creating and voicing many of the characters in Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show. Unfairly ridiculed for supposedly ripping off the Simpsons where, when you watch it is almost NOTHING like any of the shows he created (btw I love the Simpsons and am a fan). He also created a movie this year called Ted. MacFarlane has made people laugh for the past 13 years or so and always will.
Fred: Hey, what are you up to?
Ben: Watching Family Guy
Fred: Man I love that show it's so fucking funny!!
Ben: Ya I know
Fred: Doesn't Seth MacFarlane voice like 10 of the people in that show?
Ben: Yup
by Regina Phalange #2 November 19, 2012
Creator of animated serious Family Guy, American Dad, and the Cleveland Show. Most famous for cutaways. A cartoon genious whose character Brian seems like an emo version of Schulz's character Snoopy.
Seth Macfarlane is the creator of the hilarious show "Family Guy" that will make you laugh till you pee even if you say you hate it.
by Peppermint Patty+Charlie Brown November 24, 2011
Seth MacFarlane is the creator of Fox's "American Dad!" and the often cancelled "Family Guy," cancelled three times since its television premiere in 1999.

Few people notice and dislike the fact that he is the voice of practically every male character on his show "Family Guy." This is the reason some has stopped watching -- namely me.

When someone does several bad impressions and all the voices sound the same, you say, "This guy's a total Seth MacFarlane." (You don't say "Seth," but you're required to use the entire name/term for submitting a definition)
by A.J. Tapeleg October 20, 2005

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