Seth MacFarlane is the creator of Fox's "American Dad!" and the often cancelled "Family Guy," cancelled three times since its television premiere in 1999.

Few people notice and dislike the fact that he is the voice of practically every male character on his show "Family Guy." This is the reason some has stopped watching -- namely me.

When someone does several bad impressions and all the voices sound the same, you say, "This guy's a total Seth MacFarlane." (You don't say "Seth," but you're required to use the entire name/term for submitting a definition)
by A.J. Tapeleg October 20, 2005
One of the most funniest and smartest people ever. Seth Macfarlane is the creator of Cleveland Show, American Dad, and his most popular show, Family Guy. People say Seth is untalented and has no ideas of his own. Well those people are dumb rednecks who think Obama is Hitler because he wants to give America health care. Seth rarely takes jokes from Simpsons, but other than that, he is pretty clever. You have to be smart to understand his humor, unfortunately Americans these days aren't smart so they don't understand his jokes.
Seth Macfarlane is really badass. It's a shame that the guys at FOX are dumb Republicans.
by barrelroll123 November 13, 2010
Creator of Family Guy and American Dad (which is coming soon)and an excellent singer as well. Greatest thing to happen to TV since TV's creation. He used to write for Johnny Bravo and various other cartoons but his big break was Family Guy, which he also provides the voices of various characters.
Seth MacFarlane, thanks for making Family Guy!
by Damon May 24, 2004
had a GREAT sex dream about this guy--I dunno if it's b/c of the 50's era news-guy voice he has or what but...yumm..

ps. why the anger previous poster?

example? the dude that produces family guy seth macfarlane
by koko verde January 04, 2010
God's second son
Seth Macfarlane is jesus' brother
by Ashcatchem2 August 03, 2010
Creator of Family Guy.
ya know what annoys me? that on urban dictionary people praise Cartman more than Seth MacFarlane. that is so fucked. SETH IS AWESOME.
by isannoyed@antiseths August 07, 2009
A kick-ass guy who created the cartoons "Family Guy" and "American Dad" (which is coming soon).
Seth MacFarlane's cartoons own all other cartoons.
by Fetus Bomber November 03, 2004

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