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Set it and forget it, verb:

1. To have sex with someone regardless of potential emotional consequences.

2. To accomplish anything that you are actively afraid of and deliberately avoiding.

(orig. 1990s) First coined by inventor Ron Popeil in reference to his "Showtime Rotisserie." Popeil extolled his audiences to "set it and forget it." While this expression originally had a specific meaning in regard to the Rotisserie, it has since taken on an alternative meaning akin to James Brown's expression "hit it and quit it" from his 1970 hit "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine."
"I don't know, man, what if my girlfriend finds out?"
"Dude, with this ho, you've just got to set it and forget it."

"I'm really worried about this job interview."
"Man, you've just got to set it and forget it."

"Bro, just set it and forget it."
#hit it and quit it #fuck and chuck #fuck and go #fuck and buck #one night delight #one night standable
by Der Springer February 11, 2009
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