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One of the many nicknames of the bishounen, Sesshoumaru. (Look up Fluffy, Sesshomaru, etc.) This dog demon lord travels with his two companions, Rin and Jaken, and while he may seem cold and heartless, he really does have concern for his two wards.
Sesshomaru usually remains cool and collected.
by wasianiko April 28, 2005
a nickname for thebishieon the best show everinuyasha!he shows no emotion,is kinda cold,travels with his squire(jaken)and a little mortal girlrinwho he saved with his sword(tensaiga which means holy(or heavenly)fang of life).he has pretty,long white hair,has a big fluffy,white boa crap thingie on his might look like he cross-dresses,but he doesn't.he is the dogyoukailord of the western lands.he is very hot and sexy.
sesshy is my favorite character oninuyasha!
by super_saiyan_x December 19, 2004

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