A very cool person who often enjoys stabbing young women on holiday.
Im sephy, you're....my victim!
by Matty January 21, 2004
Top Definition
Sephy is a short for Sephiroth, a villain in the very popular game of Final Fantasy VII. He is the villain who cares the very loved and equally hated Aeris. Sephy has many fans, and not nearly as many haters. You can find shrines dedicated to him all over the web. He carries the Masamune, an extremely long and legendary sword. He is the General of Shinra Army before Cloud steals the spotlight. He has the normal villainous silver hair, exotic green eyes, slender body and towering height.
"'Sephy,' began the fangirl, 'I don't think your sword should be going into people like that.'"
by Shenter Tenrai June 27, 2005
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