Is the name for an amazing girl who is gorgeous, hardworking, athletic, smart, responsible, a great friend and is all around brilliant.
I love Senna.
I love her more!
by Big-Pete24 January 27, 2011
Top Definition
Arabic word for brightness, luminosity, shine, glow
Arabic name for a girl
The name "Senna" is mentioned in the Holy Quran as a shining light that is so bright that it is blinding
by mazaaaaj August 09, 2009
The most AWESOME person you will ever meet. She is kind, funny, beautiful, and is a genius
I love Senna, she is so awesome!
by lkjsadfkjdanvlasdhifnvaslnvkak December 07, 2012
the most amazing girl you will ever meet, she's amazing all over. she is hot as hell, and so cool that she will make your heart melt. All the guys think she is the bomb, and she is one hell of a tease(; but if you manage to win her over, then you are one lucky guy. She's sweet and funny, and can instantly put a smile on your face. She may not have the best rep, but she is definitely someone you will want to know.
"Dude, is that Senna?"

"No why?"
"Cus shes got all those guys following her"
by swaggychild March 19, 2013
Definition Of A Laxative/Natural Herbs Known To Relieve Constipation/Struggling To Shit
Ben:I Can't Shit
Lisa: Take Some Natural Herbs Of Senna

by Senben July 23, 2008
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