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when, after you get humiliated by a Senior student at your school, you devise, and carry out, a plan that ends in answers and complete humiliation on the senior student who took you down in the first place
Mark: There ya go, loser!
Dane: Aw come on, man!
Mark: Fuck that, i'm going to have awesome buttsecks with my gf in the office
Dane: you know what, that gives me an idea
*hooks up a camera to the main television system*
Dane: Pure... gold! internet gold at that!
* The next day*
Mark: Yesterday was amazing
Jack: Yeah, you had buttsecks with Brenda
Mark: lolwut?
Jack: Dude, you did you, or did you not see the TV in the office that showed the whole moment start to finish?
Mark: Aw, shit...
Dane: status on "Senior Takedown", accomplished!
by your best idiot May 14, 2010
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