An over used word meaning taking a picture of your self. This is mainly used by people who are too lazy to say "take a picture of myself" or people who get obsessed with everything that's popular until it gets over used. Selfies are usually posted on Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Sally: What are you doing?
Sarah: Taking selfies with my phone
Sally: Sarah, we are at the movie theater. Will you ever put that thing away?
by SomeoneWhoMakesDefinitions November 24, 2013
A photo taken of yourself to be posted to social media, which is not all that different from masturbating if makes you feel satisfied with yourself.
My homework was too boring, so I took a selfie of me taking a selfie and posted it to tumblr and Facialbook so others could too, because I'm not self-ish.
by Hushpuppie November 01, 2013
Another name for masturbation
I was all the way in Colorado and Jessica was in Texas so I stooped to it and gave myself a selfie :/
by SORGBURD July 24, 2013
A symptom of the current narcissistic epidemic whereby the subject takes a filtered, highly polished (often completely over-exposed) photograph of themselves and uploads it to instagram, facebook or some other social media outlet. Its often motivated by a need for adulation, attention or validation from ones "followers" or "friends" and is sometimes accompanied with some self-deprecating comment about how "shit" they look.
Girl - "Jeez, I've hundreds of friends on facebook, instagram and MySpace. Gonna have to do a clean out"

Guy - "Yeah? Strange that each and every Selfie churned out by yourself couldn't have been taken by one of your many adoring friends.
by Molly Sugden May 23, 2014
Selfies are a style of photography wherein

1) the photographer's own face is included in the photograph,

2) and the camera is held by the photographer when the photo is taken.

Other optional elements are often associated with selfies. Use of a mirror is common, especially mirrors found in dirty, unphotogenic bathrooms. Bathrooms are a popular location for selfies since so many believe that the worse everything around them looks in the photo, the better they will appear by comparison.

Immediate upload of the photo to social media is also optional, but generally not recommended. By reviewing the photo on a large computer monitor one has a better chance to find and remove unintended, possibly embarrassing elements from the photo before others see it. Upload of the photo after reviewing it on a large screen is also not recommended, since most selfies suck anyway and are rarely actually worth sharing.

Having selfies be poor quality for other reasons (such as being out of focus or having motion blur due to using too slow a shutter speed in low light) is also a popular technique. Having the photo further ruined by application of bizarre and ugly filters and special effects, in order to try to conceal how poor quality the photo was in the first place, is also popular.

The term selfie is often misused. Selfies are a subgenre of self-photography. It is wrong to use "selfie" to refer to self-photographs in general.

The following methods of self-photography are NOT selfies:
1. Photographing just one's own penis does not constitute a selfie. (Even if the camera is handheld, it doesn't qualify to be called a selfie unless the photographer's face is in the photo. Putting your other "head" in the photo doesn't count.)

2. Mounting the camera on a tripod, or resting it securely on a table, and using a timer to take the photo is not a selfie. (Camera must be held by the person for it to be a selfie.)

3. Using a throwable camera that automatically snaps at panoramic photo when at the top of the throw is not a selfie.

4. Dropping your camera on the ground and being lucky enough that instead of breaking it accidentally takes a photo of you is not a selfie.

5. Mounting your camera on a wild goat and having it take many photos while it charges at you is not a selfie.
by Otisepote March 03, 2014
An alternative definition to the narcissistic self-taken photo, a selfie can also mean a the act of giving oneself a haircut to save money.
"Woah, bro, nice selfie!"
"Thanks! Yeah, being a broke artist I haven't had any money for a haircut in a year, but who needs it when I look this good?"
by Haircut is free November 19, 2013
A photograph of one's self taken by one's self...a self portrait, if you will. Such photos are typically taken using the camera function on a cell phone or holding a camera. Many people will resort to taking the photo using a mirror so they can see the picture they are about to take. In some instances other people will be in the photo additionally to the one taking the photo (who is also in the photo). Selfies are often taken alone and are popular across social media.
Marissa: Hey Abby, let's take a selfie in front of this statue!
Abby: Sure, make sure you tag me when you post it on instagram!
Marissa: For sure. I'll post it to facebook too!

Joe: I feel hot today, I think I'll take a selfie!
*Goes into bathroom and takes a picture of himself using mirror*
by UrbanKay March 07, 2014

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