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Self + Diss (Disrespect) = Selfdiss

The act of unintentionally (or intentionally) insulting yourself.

1) It can happen when your all out of insults.

2) It can happen if you just wanna fml and/or bitch about your life.

3) It can be used in both verb and noun forms.
- Man, I hate you, you keep insulting me like a homo.
- Really? Aren't you gay yourself?
- Selfdiss

- I hate myself, I hate my job, my life, my parents. You know how stupid I was to confess to her? I failed miserably and went on depression and all. I'm a fucking loser.
- That's crazy... You should stop selfdissing yourself.

3) I am selfdissing because I am worthless.

Selfdiss is the art of insulting yourself.
by vatomasta March 13, 2010
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When you diss yourself or talk bad about your self. You might not realize it but others may
John:Hey man, I'm a low life
Bob:Why are you SelfDissing your self
by Detective RooTz March 14, 2010

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