Something either you have or you dont. You can have low or high self esteem depending on how you were brought up or life experiences you have. If someones praised or thought highly of they will have high self esteem. If they are bullied they will have low self esteem if they dont have a good sense of self.
1. John has high self esteem cause he was encouraged and has faith in himself.

2. Sonny has low self esteem because the girl he was with was embarrassed of his looks and lack of personality.
by Sonny me January 22, 2008
La La Lala lala lala la la....
the best song by the offspring
Late at night she knocks on my door...Drunk again and looking to score...Now I know I should say no...
But that's kind of hard when she's...ready to go...I may be dumb...But I'm not a dweeb...I'm just a sucker with no self esteem
by Iwannahitthat July 18, 2004
Something many girls lack a lot nowadays, some say its due to the social media networks, others say its their peers. What i think, is people need a good kick up the arse, they need a bit more confidence to have self esteem. Also, self respect would also boost it up a little bit, having nice things said is nice.

Also can be brought down by fake little bitches thinking they can put down others, when they have no self-respect, they sleep around, the girl their judging is a virgin.
"Whos that?"
"Shes been in our school for 4 years, since year 7"
"Hmmm, idk her"
"Probably coz she has no self-esteem she never talks"

"Ewww, lpok at that girl'"
"Ik shes got crooked teeth"
"Yeah! And a crooked smile too"
*both laughing*
by Shittfacee April 21, 2015
Self esteem a made up term that is used to get back at someone when they do harm to their body or degrade themself
Sam - Hannah! why did you sleep with that guy ? don't you have any self esteem?

Hannah - self esteem dosn't exist
by Emmatic October 27, 2009
A 19th century perpetual motion machine powered by steam, theorized by Alberto Einstein but no actual production models were ever built.
Alberto told the eager investors gathered in Plaza de Suenos that for as few as 500 Pesos they could own a piece of his revolucionary self esteem engine.
by megnao flimpis August 12, 2003
esteem of your mother fucking self!
Boy- ur not so pretty

Girl-u just ruined my self-esteem

Boy- how can i ruin your self-esteem? its called SELF-esteem for a reason
by like hell im giving my name July 16, 2008
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