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Moslty white town with many people that think they live in "the hood." Sniffing pills is a right of passage and you probably still wear South Pole. If you are 20-30 years old you still "rep" Selden even though it makes you a loser, but you do not care because you live in Selden.
25 year old from Selden- "Selden nigga we can take anyone derrrrrr"
Normal 25 year old - "Do you have Down Syndrome"?
by U AlreadyKnow January 10, 2012
A town in central Suffolk County Long Island, NY. the population consists of about 21,861 people. selden is 4.7sq miles big. three schools are located within selden and they are Suffolk County Community College- Ammerman Campus, Newfield High School, and Middle Country Central School District
selden ny, is the greatest
by Courtney Catastraphy August 18, 2008