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a high school in the Middle Country school district in Suffolk County that looks like a pizza hut. becoming populated with more and more blacks these days (still about 90% white people). random fights that get broken up after 5 sec occur every day.
1 - When did you get pregnant?
2 - When I went to Newfield High School.
by The Wolverine January 09, 2009
A high school located in Selden, New York which is a part of the Middle Country Central School District. Infamous for the Pierson/Pica Homicide case during the mid-1980s which spawned a TV-movie, A Deadly Silence (1989).

It is also the suspected high school of the legendary extreme3004 (class of 2010).
Didn't extreme3004 attend Newfield High School from 2006-2010?
by WolverineCountry September 24, 2009
Newfield High school is a school located at Selden, New York. It is considered by the civilized to be the ghetto of Long Island. Students at Newfield High are some of the most grotesque human beings that one would meet. You have white students who smoke a lot of weed who believe in white supremacy. They also hate on the mentally ill. You have black students who play the role of the stereotypical gangster. If you are a minority, you are hated by most Newfielders. Newfield has a black market for deadly weed and nudes of chicks. The authority lack the ability and incentive to enforce their own rules. And represents the worst of the Millenials.
That criminal who is at maximum security prison is like that because he went to Newfield High School
by RocketBoss5 June 14, 2016
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