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A bitch who doesn't care for anyone but herself always looking desperate but is really crying out for attention. You will never see her with her legs open since no one wants her. a miserable excuse for a dog :(
You will mostly see them with brown hair and usually anorexic poor segunas
man 1: I am getting a seguna today
man 2: no don't get that they are nasty they poop all over the living room.
by lalalalalalalalallalalalal October 06, 2013
A bri loving homosexual , who sucks at fishing and baseball. He enjoys cock in his mouth , and sucks at COD. He plays playstation , and even though that is for noobs , he still sucks a it. His penis is 2 1/2 inches
Why are you hanging with christian seguna? Because i want to play playstation and pwn NOOBs.
by Segthehomo December 11, 2010
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