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A Sonic the Hegehog game that is developed by sonic team. Purists only play these.
Sonic 3D blast is NOT segasonic!
by Mad Echidna October 09, 2003
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A word having to do with the game series, Sonic the Hedgehog, more importantly, the storyline of the games itself. This does not include comics or cartoon spinoffs.

When paired with "purist", the definition is of a person who only thinks that Segasonic is the best and far superior continuity.
"There go thos Segasonic purists again, bashing everything non-segasonic in sight."
by NoOneinParticular September 30, 2003
A Sonic the Hedgehog continuity that's less creative than a Godzilla movie.
Also see Sonic X
SegaSonic is crap.
by Find out fool November 01, 2003

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