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Seewah only likes white boys. One of those asians who are white washed and only dates and seeks to marry preferably rich white men. Not to mention she prefers to have white friends. If she does have asian friends, they are just like her. White washed and likes white boys.
Seewah is doing well now. She is married to a white businessman. Not a surprise cause she only likes white boys. She also is "classy" now cause you know, she is married to a white businessman.
#chinese #asian #whitewashed #gold digger #slut #whore #racist #whiteboys
by Urbandictionarian September 01, 2014
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A name given to females who are gold diggers. They don't have any talent and are not intellectually gifted. They often focus on their looks and think they are so hot. They use hobbies like photography and modeling as a way to make a living since they are not smart enough to take on meaningful and useful work like curing cancer or becoming a doctor.
Seewah, you mean that gold digging girl who doesn't do anything but take photos and model while living a comfortable life through her husbands money.
#seewah #golddigger #stupid #asian #chinese
by Namedefinition April 29, 2014
A mischievious little creature. Can be very bad at times and deserves a good snout-beat. Quite evil and tends to be very pig-like.
That little seewah is a mess!
What a devlish liitle seewah!
Seewah is so pitiful she makes me feel bad.
#pig #seewah #evil #bad #devil #mess #naughty
by Pig1215 February 20, 2012
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