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A seeder is a person/client which has a complete file to share with the others users.
Seeding is the process of connecting to a torrent when you have a complete file
There are two ways to do this: leaving your client open after the download completes. Once you have the entire file you become a seed, and the BitTorrent client remains connected to the swarm, sending to other users until you close it. clicking on a torrent link (or opening a saved .torrent file) and selecting a filename of a file that has already completed. BitTorrent will check over the file and realize that it's already complete, and continue to connect to the tracker and serve as a seed.
by Fábio Pereira March 18, 2005
A person who will maliciously partake in sex to spread or 'seed' STD's
me: that guy cameron is such a seeder
friend: yea, i heard he has seed to over 40
me: thats nothing i'm hitting 60
by seederboy September 30, 2012
Someone who likes to spit sunflower seeds, as said by David brand sunflower seeds.
True, I like to spit, but I'm a true seeder.
by Brody Jennings June 09, 2008
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