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1 - Someone that cleans up the scraps in a field after a harvester finishes gathering the ripe fruits and vegetables.

2 - A term for someone who has to settle for the crap left over after the more privileged individuals pick through first.
"The harvester just finished with the field. Go send the gleaners to clean up."

"Last halloween my older brothers picked through my trick-or-treat bag and took all of my chocolate. All I had left were Smarties and raisins. I felt like a gleaner."
#gleaner #gleener #scraps #slave #leftovers #worker
by Jay21310 March 13, 2013
To go into a discussion forum with the sole purpose of sending an derogatory but entirely truthful personal message to the owner, then posting a copy on the forum itself for all members to see. Especially refers to the owner of a website affectionately known as Woodchuck Underground.

Generally doing this will cause the person who is gleaning to be lerkfished.
I really had to gleaner that guy after he banned all the progressive members from his website.
#chew out #ream #skin #expose #humiliate #derogate #scorn #discredit #chastize #reproach #vilify
by guilty bystander November 04, 2010
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