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A Person who is UD seeding: Adding definitions to urban dictionary, because he/she wants others to start using this definition widely, thus allowing this person to artificially integrate words in common chat and speech.
-Who invented this word?
-Some UD seeder.
by Seeder August 28, 2007
Someone, who uses "Lol" and other internet slang all the time and with no sence.
-- LoL Hi guys Roflol long time no see Lmfao
--OMG, Lolly kid.
by Seeder November 25, 2007
A person who often looks through Urban dictionary (especially the new definition) in order to show everyone he/she communicates with how cool and modern is he/she by using these definitions all the time.
-Why is she speaking so strange all the time?
-Oh she's an UD leecher.
by Seeder August 28, 2007
Internet slang version of "fuck off". derived from "Hack and crack off". Used also as a threat to hack (or crack, if speaking in the hacker's slang) one's computer.
sometimes also used in other forms instead of the "fuck" word, like "STH&CU" instead of "STFU"
-Hello, please tell me your birthdate and social number.
-Oh man, H&C off!
by Seeder August 28, 2007
Acronym for "I did laught out loud", also can be shortened as IDL "I did laught", Is used to tell that something, that the person "IDLoL" just saw/read/heard IS really funny and DID made him/her laught.
-Knock, knock.
-Who's there?
-IDLoL! No, really.
by Seeder November 03, 2007

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